ESG Compliance

Proving Organisational ESG Compliance

ESG goals are no longer tomorrow’s problem. Organisations need the tools to monitor and report on their progress accurately and transparently

Regulatory pressures and the need for good corporate citizenship are driving companies across all industries to set ambitious environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets.

The TYMLEZ Platform supports the monitoring of ESG initiatives with the ability to produce comprehensive reports covering all organisational activities.

Automatically capturing ESG targets

The TYMLEZ Platform has the ability to integrate with a range of hardware devices to automatically capture ESG related metrics.


Designed to support UN SDGs

TYMLEZ’s ESG Reporting Solutions are designed to empower organisations meet and achieve their United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Powered by the TYMLEZ Platform

The TYMLEZ Platform leverages 3rd generation blockchain technology to deliver superior performance with unrivaled power efficiency, enabling fully trusted and self-auditing ESG Reporting solutions.

ESG Reporting Solutions

Carbon Emissions Reporting

Monitoring, Calculating and Reporting CO2 Output

Resource Usage

Immutable Resource Usage Monitoring and Reporting

Supply Chain Traceability

Providing Full Transparency for Supply Chains