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Immutable Resource Usage Monitoring and Reporting

Organisations depend on a multitude of resources to power their operations, all of which need to be factored into ESG reporting

Monitoring and reporting on the usage of resources such as energy, water, and gas, is crucial for businesses with ambitious ESG targets. As part of its ESG reporting capabilities, the TYMLEZ Platform can monitor whole organisation resource usage across a broad range of product types.

Complete resource usage overview

Resource usage (e.g., water, electricity) and the quantity thereof, vary wildly by industry and application type, creating problems for large organisations with diverse operational portfolios.

The TYMLEZ Platform has the ability to interface with a range of hardware monitoring devices, including those already installed by organisations, to capture and verify resource usage across organisations.

Usage data is verified by the blockchain underpinning the TYMLEZ Platform to ensure that businesses act and report on truly accurate data.

Granular audit trail

The TYMLEZ Platform retains a granular audit trail, certifying each actor in the resource usage supply chain monitoring environment, including metering device and meter installer, ensuring only validated data is recorded by the Platform. Stakeholders in the supply chain are given a decentralised ID (DID) and a role which determines the inputs they can provide in the capture and calculation process.

Detailed resource usage reporting

The TYMLEZ Platform provides a centralised location for resource usage reporting through online dashboarding and customised management reports.

Integrating data from across entire organisations allows management to extract the full value from their resource usage data, not traditionally available through siloed systems.

The TYMLEZ Carbon Emission Reporting solution is designed to operate across multiple industries, providing a complete overview for even the most diverse organisations.