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Australian Carbon Credit Unit Tokenisation

The tokenised ACCUs generated by TYMLEZ provide an additional layer of trust which can be relied upon by purchasers

Natural Carbon is bringing together leaders in the sustainability solutions sector, such as TYMLEZ, to support First Nations communities’ access new carbon markets

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Empowering Communities

The goal of Natural Carbon is to scale global investment into community-led nature-based solutions that remove carbon, increase natural capital, and improve local livelihoods in a fair way. Through its partnerships, Natural Carbon is bringing together leaders in sustainability focused solutions that will allow First Nations and local communities to maximise the value from their carbon assets through product innovation and opening new carbon markets.

Unlocking Value

TYMLEZ has developed a world-leading offset tokenisation solution that will be used to generate tokens in accordance with the Clean Energy Regulator’s carbon farming legislation. Operating on the Hedera network, the solution creates a token representing each ACCU, allowing them to be recorded on the distributed ledger in a secure and immutable fashion. This process increases the transparency of ACCUs, decreases market friction and reduces transaction costs. The project is set to showcase the value that can be unlocked through trusted tokenisation and will focus on the end-to-end lifecycle of a tokenised carbon credit from creation and sale to retirement.

Benefits of offset tokenisation

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