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Capturing organisational energy consumption, generation, and forecasting


As part of ESG targets, organisations are attempting to reduce overall energy usage without the data needed to make impactful decisions

TYMLEZ’s Energy Footprint solution has the ability to monitor energy consumption and generation at circuit level granularity, with functionality to forecasting future usage and generation loads.

Designed to support decisions makers

The TYMLEZ Platform can integrate with a range of existing energy metering devices including a range of popular devices already installed by numerous organisations.

The Energy Footprint solution has the ability to interface directly with metering devices to ensure that data cannot be manipulated before it reaches the platform, creating a fully self-audited platform from which operational staff can make decisive decisions to improve energy usage across entire organisations.

How it works:

Residences, offices, and EVs (including electric work vehicles) will consume energy produced by the grid, on-site solar PVs, or community solar farms.

Energy consumption data is captured on a per-circuit basis by sub-meters.

Energy consumption data grouped by type is recorded on the TYMLEZ blockchain platform.

Data can be accessed by relevant parties for reporting and monitoring

Energy Footprint Solution Benefits

Powered by Blockchain, the TYMLEZ Platform provides organisations with a number of benefits not ordinarily available through legacy monitoring solutions:

Granular audit trail

The TYMLEZ Platform retains a granular audit trail, certifying each step of the monitoring ecosystem. Actors in the monitoring supply chain are given a decentralised ID (DID) and a role which determines the inputs they can provide in the monitoring process. The verifiable credentials of the data generator are provided to the TYMLEZ Platform to ensure that the data being utilised by the solution are from verified devices and actors.