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Decentralised energy trading platform for PPAs


Decentralisation of energy production is key to the efficient operation and security of the grid.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading allows for consumers and prosumers to directly exchange energy without the need for intermediaries, reducing costs associated with the establishment and monitoring of traditional power purchase agreements (PPAs).

TYMLEZ’s P2P Energy Trading solution enables energy retailers and network operators to deploy PPAs in the form of smart contracts which monitor and automatically execute pre-defined agreements between generators and consumers, such as payments when a total amount of energy is delivered.

Empowering a greener grid

The TYMLEZ P2P Energy Trading solution gives power to consumers to select the source of their energy in order to drive the adoption of green energy. Consumers are given the ability to directly purchase energy from generators via an energy retailer, with all aspects of the PPA automatically managed by the TYMLEZ Platform via smart contracts.

Smart contracts serve to automatically release funds to generators once they have fulfilled their supply obligations to the consumer. Data is captured from smart meters on both ends of the supply chain, removing the need for manual meter readings and eliminating the risk of input error.

How it works:

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P2P Energy Trading Solution Benefits

Powered by Blockchain, the TYMLEZ Platform provides P2P Trading Solution Operators with a number of benefits not available through the traditional retail environment:

Granular audit trail

The TYMLEZ Platform retains a granular audit trail, certifying each step in the energy supply chain. Stakeholders in the supply chain (e.g., metering devices for generators, battery storage farms, consumers) are given a decentralised ID (DID) and a role which determines the data can input into the platform. The verifiable credentials of the data generator are provided to the TYMLEZ Platform to ensure that the data being utilised in the smart contracts is accurate and comes from verified sources.