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Improving grid operations through advanced flexibility

The number of prosumers on grids continues to grow however their full value is not being realised

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) offer energy retailers, grid operators, and multi-site operators the ability to co-ordinate prosumer assets to stabilise the grid during peak loads or to store excess green energy generated during off-peak hours. The TYMLEZ Platform supports the deployment of multi-site VPPs with advanced forecasting capabilities.

Providing advanced flexibility

VPP operators, in coordination with network operators and retailers, sets the prices at which VPP members are incentivised to provide services such as generation or load storage.
Through the TYMLEZ Platform, the VPP operator communicates with VPP members ensuring that their priorities and operational characteristics are incorporated in the coordination program, creating value for all parties.

How it works:

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TYMLEZ VPP Solution Benefits

Powered by Blockchain, the TYMLEZ Platform provides VPP operators with a number of benefits not ordinarily available through legacy VPP solutions:

Granular audit trail

The TYMLEZ Platform retains a granular audit trail, certifying each asset and actor in the VPP. Participants in the VPP are given a decentralised ID (DID) and a role which determines the data inputs they can provide. The verifiable credentials of the data generator are provided to the TYMLEZ Platform to ensure that the data being utilised in the VPP is from a verified source device or actor.