Transforming data into sustainability

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Companies across the globe are committing to ambitious carbon neutral targets

TYMLEZ provides the transparent and verified insights required to support Executives and Boards in tracking and tracing their progress towards these goals.

TYMLEZ delivers industry agnostic solutions designed to empower organisations of all sizes to accelerate and achieve their sustainability targets

Companies worldwide are setting ambitious 10-year sustainability targets, however without effective, secure and transparent ways to monitor progress or compliance, Executives and Board members are exposed to greater risk.

This is predominantly due to not having the ability to collect the right data and a lack of transparency over their existing systems, in meeting and adhering to those targets.

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We collectively work towards a cleaner and greener planet

Our four pillars encompass what we do and the solutions we deploy with our clients to help them become sustainability leaders.

Provenance Track & Trace

Offering customers a full overview of their supply chain from production or origin through to consumption, the TYMLEZ Track & Trace solution provides producers, suppliers, and regulators with the insights they need to ensure that supply chains are not only ethical but green and sustainable.

Smart Energy Data

Providing insights through edge devices monitoring energy consumption and generation on a per-circuit basis, operators and retailers can leverage data to better manage the operation of the grid through advanced analytics and machine learning models.

Transactive Energy

Encompassing leading-edge energy solutions such as virtual power plants (VPPs), microgrids, and peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading, TYMLEZ transactive energy solutions are at the forefront of innovation in the energy industry.

Trustless Data

The ability to import data from external sources to a blockchain solution is critical for businesses looking to leverage the benefits of blockchain for their own applications. From the ability to import weather forecasts, to more bespoke solutions requiring data from multiple third-party providers, TYMLEZ provides the ability for businesses to combine their on-chain and off-chain data into one central data repository.

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