TYMLEZ has a world-class leadership team


Deeply experienced in the software, energy, and sustainability industries, the TYMLEZ board is comprised of industry titans from energy infrastructure and retail, through to renewable gasses and business development.

Raffaele Marcellino TYMLEZ Non-Executive Chairman

Raffaele Marcellino

Non-Executive Chairman

Raffaele has more than 25 years of experience in academic leadership in public and private higher education and training. Dr Marcellino is an expert in business transformation and development and has a proven track record in the successful delivery of large scale projects.

Freddy Elturk

CEO and Executive Director

Darren Scott TYMLEZ Non-Executive Director

Darren Scott

Non-Executive Director

Darren boasts an impressive 25 years of global technology and management experience, with a specialization in developing and launching services-led businesses around the world. Throughout his career, he has excelled in sourcing talent, building teams, training customers, and forming high-level partnerships to implement cutting-edge digital infrastructures.


TYMLEZ has recruited experts in software development, data analytics, and electrical engineering in order to provide our clients with leading edge sustainability solutions.

Eoin Flynn - Operations Manager | TYMLEZ

Eoin Flynn

Head of Operations

Eoin Flynn, is an operations specialist. Having consulted to some of the world’s largest corporations in his role as a Management Consultant, he comes equipped with the experience and knowledge to help facilitate rapid growth through his ability to create internally scalable business structures.

Tyrone Ranatunga TYMLEZ

Tyrone Ranatunga

Product Manager

Tyrone is a Product Manager with experience in project testing and program assurance. He works with our expert engineers to deploy and improve our solutions and utilises his skillset in reporting and data analytics to provide ongoing insights and updates to our teams and partners.

Niels Bakker - Decentralised Marketplace Lead | TYMLEZ

Niels Bakker

Decentralised Marketplace Lead

Niels Bakker is a distributed ledger technology ecosystem specialist. After graduating from the University of Amsterdam with a Masters of Science in Information Systems, he joined TYMLEZ to create cutting edge distributed ledger technology applications in the energy market. Niels takes conceptual ideas and transforms them into full-fledged projects with a viable and sustainable distributed ledger technology ecosystem in the heart.

Sjoerd Schelvis - Blockchain Consultant | TYMLEZ

Sjoerd Schelvis

Distributed Ledger Technology Consultant

Sjoerd is a distributed ledger technology consultant within TYMLEZ. A passionate IT enthusiast, Sjoerd graduated with an MSc degree Information Sciences from VU University Amsterdam. He provides expert insights to TYMLEZ partners regarding distributed ledger technology solutions and IT research backed up by a background in smart contract research and architectural modeling languages.

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