TYMLEZ has a world-class leadership team


Deeply experienced in the software, energy, and sustainability industries, the TYMLEZ board is comprised of industry titans from energy infrastructure and retail, through to renewable gasses and business development.

Daniel O’Halloran - CEO | TYMLEZ

Daniel O’Halloran

Executive Chairman and Acting CEO

A highly respected start-up executive Daniel has taken multiple businesses from concept to commercial success in numerous global markets. Having spent the early part of his career on the front line of the energy market, Daniel has set about applying his skill set to the TYMLEZ team and is now taking lead for the next stage of business development.

Jason Conroy - Acting Chairman – Non-Executive Director | TYMLEZ

Jason Conroy

Non-Executive Director

Jason Conroy is an experienced non-executive director in the power, utilities, infrastructure and green technology sectors who is also a former CFO of Transgrid, Australia’s premier electricity transmission business, and a former CFO of DUET Group, a member of the ASX100 that owned and operated five energy utilities with annual EBITDA of $1 billion. Jason has overseen a number of successful exits such as the sale of DUET Group for $13.4 billion at a 29% share price premium and the sale of Verdant Minerals Limited at a 113% share price premium. 

Eglantine Etiemble - Non Executive Director

Eglantine Etiemble

Non-Executive Director

Eglantine has a solid track record in delivering projects as diverse as new operating model design and implementation, transformation through technology, mergers and acquisitions, introduction of new ways of working and in-house innovation incubators and has, in parallel to her corporate career, launched a start-up project aiming at accelerating the adoption of new skills and network in the Australian market.

Rhys Evans - Non-Executive Director | TYMLEZ

Rhys Evans

Non-Executive Director

Rhys Evans is a skilled legal advisor with extensive corporate and commercial experience gained during a period over 25 years of working in large, medium and boutique firms and in-house for companies operating in the technology, banking and financial services sectors.


TYMLEZ has recruited experts in software development, data analytics, and electrical engineering in order to provide our clients with leading edge sustainability solutions.

Dan Voyce - CTO | TYMLEZ

Dan Voyce


Dan Voyce is a start-up veteran of over 20 years, building high performance development teams and leading them to successfully deliver solutions for some of the largest names in Australia and the UK.

An expert in distributed ledger technology, IoT and Big Data, Dan can drive value by strategically developing modern technology stacks to deliver solutions for organisations.

Eoin Flynn - Operations Manager | TYMLEZ

Eoin Flynn

Head of Operations

Eoin Flynn, is an operations specialist. Having consulted to some of the world’s largest corporations in his role as a Management Consultant, he comes equipped with the experience and knowledge to help facilitate rapid growth through his ability to create internally scalable business structures.

Tyrone Ranatunga TYMLEZ

Tyrone Ranatunga

Product Manager

Tyrone is a Product Manager with experience in project testing and program assurance. He works with our expert engineers to deploy and improve our solutions and utilises his skillset in reporting and data analytics to provide ongoing insights and updates to our teams and partners.

David Lin - Director of Engineering – Architecture | TYMLEZ

David Lin

Director of Engineering – Architecture

David is a technology leader and architect with 15+ years of experience in Big Data, Cloud solutions, software architecture, web development, and agile practices.

David values simplicity, quality, pragmatism, and agile delivery. He has proven expertise in delivering large-scale solutions around data architecture, big data ETL, machine learning, data analytics, and visualization.

Matthew Park - SVP – Corporate and External Affairs | TYMLEZ

Matthew Park

SVP – Corporate and External Affairs

Matthew is an experienced communications executive and was most recently the global Vice President of Communications & Media at Oil Search. He was previously the Executive Director of Communications, Media & Public Relations for ABAC PNG, the former CEO of Media Niugini Limited (trading as “EMTV”), and former SVP Content & Programming for the Digicel Group. Matthew holds a Master of Laws, a Bachelor of Laws (with Hons) and a Bachelor of Business.  

Truong Nguyen TYMLEZ

Truong Nguyen

Director of Engineering – Platform

Truong Nguyen is a solid software engineer with 15+ years of experience in developing and delivering software. He has worked for a number of enterprises in Australia to deliver large-scale systems for banking, finance, telecommunications, and energy. An expert in NodeJS and cloud-native solution development not only limited to a single stack or programming language, but he can also work on many different modern technologies stacks and programming languages. He is also a contributor to some projects in nodes, and distributed ledger technology (including the Hedera guardian)

Dr. Mohsen Khorasany - Senior Power Systems Research Engineer | TYMLEZ

Dr. Mohsen Khorasany

Senior Power Systems Research Engineer

Dr. Mohsen Khorasany is a senior research engineer with over 10 years of experience in the energy sector. He has extensive experience as electrical engineer and researcher in supporting the integration of renewable energy generation in power systems. He holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from Queensland University of Technology. Currently, he works with TYMLEZ on developing innovative solutions to facilitate decarbonisation and decentralisation of the energy sector.

Ryan Tadic - Customer Success Manager

Ryan Tadic

Customer Success Manager

Ryan Tadic is a skilled solution sales expert, with first-hand experience helping software and technology companies establish themselves in the Australian market, and rapidly expand.
Ryan joins the team with the knowledge, experience, and customer obsessed mentality, to help optimize the efforts of the TYMLEZ go to market team.

Aria Meng - Administrative Assistant | TYMLEZ

Aria Meng

Finance Manager

Aria is an Operations Analyst with TYMLEZ. She has over 3 years of experience in client service delivery and administration. As a capable Master of International Economics and Finance graduate from University of Queensland, her excellent client service focus and interpersonal skills are also complemented by solid finance and economics knowledge. She is able to provide unique analytical insights to successfully support TYMLEZ partners regarding sustainable distributed ledger technology solutions.

Thao Pham - Software & QA Engineer | TYMLEZ

Thao Pham

Software & QA Engineer

Thao has over 7 years of experience in software development and quality assurance. Thao also has deep experience in machine learning and data analysis. She works with TYMLEZ as a Software & QA Engineer to improve system quality and enhance applications.

Sjoerd Schelvis - Blockchain Consultant | TYMLEZ

Sjoerd Schelvis

Distributed Ledger Technology Consultant

Sjoerd is a distributed ledger technology consultant within TYMLEZ. A passionate IT enthusiast, Sjoerd graduated with an MSc degree Information Sciences from VU University Amsterdam. He provides expert insights to TYMLEZ partners regarding distributed ledger technology solutions and IT research backed up by a background in smart contract research and architectural modeling languages.

Niels Bakker - Decentralised Marketplace Lead | TYMLEZ

Niels Bakker

Decentralised Marketplace Lead

Niels Bakker is a distributed ledger technology ecosystem specialist. After graduating from the University of Amsterdam with a Masters of Science in Information Systems, he joined TYMLEZ to create cutting edge distributed ledger technology applications in the energy market. Niels takes conceptual ideas and transforms them into full-fledged projects with a viable and sustainable distributed ledger technology ecosystem in the heart.

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