TYMLEZ Technology

Enabling transparent, auditable, and verifiable decarbonisation

TYMLEZ provides companies with a secure, scalable, and sustainable solution to monitor and report on their carbon neutral initiatives

Track and Trace is core to TYMLEZ

Customers, regulators, and investors are demanding that companies set and achieve rigorous environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets using transparent and verifiable techniques. Yearly, point-in-time, auditing is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the market. Underpinned by distributed ledger technology (DLT), TYMLEZ provides companies and Governments with the technology they need to meet these ever-growing demands.

Central to the TYMLEZ suite of solutions is an enterprise grade self-auditing, fully secure, provenance Track and Trace framework which tracks both physical assets, electricity, liquids, and gasses from source through to sale or consumption, all on a fully immutable ledger.

Leveraging this framework, TYMLEZ can deliver solutions aimed at more than a single-use case, reducing the need for enterprises to engage with multiple vendors to achieve their business goals.

TYMLEZ Performance

1st Generation DLT - Bitcoin 2nd Generation DLT - Ethereum 3rd Generation DLT - TYMLEZ (Hedera)
Transactions Per Second


Transaction Confirmation

10-60 Minutes

10-20 Seconds
3-5 Seconds
Energy Usage Per Transaction
885+ kWh
102+ kWh
0.00017 kWh

A comprehensive monitoring and reporting technology

TYMLEZ has the ability to interface with a range of monitoring devices to create a centralised repository of sustainability metrics for ESG reporting. Legacy systems are traditionally siloed by resource, leaving businesses unable to extract the true value from their data, TYMLEZ eliminates these silos, creating better insights and driving more value from data than previously possible.

Providing a full trust chain

TYMLEZ verifies that data originates only from trusted metering devices, installed by trusted actors, to provide a full chain of trust over logged data. A full history of the trust chain is maintained, providing companies with a fully self-auditing and self-verified repository of sustainability related metrics.

Users can view the full TYMLEZ Trust Chain, from metering/IoT device, to installer, back to main authorising body at any time, providing a full audit trail. Only data from verified devices can be recorded by TYMLEZ, preventing malicious actors and devices from uploading or tampering with data, giving trust to customers, regulators, and investors.


TYMLEZ Guarantee of Origin
Guarantee of Origin

Green hydrogen, ammonia, sustainable aviation fuel, and e-methanol for use across transportation industries

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TYMLEZ Carbon Reporting Solutions
Carbon Reporting

Carbon reporting provides TYMLEZ customers with the trust and verification that they need to report accurately on their carbon emissions

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TYMLEZ Trusted Tokenisation
Trusted Tokenisation

Trusted Tokenisation adds trust and transparency to carbon credits through granular reporting on the TYMLEZ Trust Chain

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