The three pillars of sustainability

Our three pillars define the solutions we offer to clients to power their sustainability journey

TYMLEZ offers solutions across ESG Compliance, Guarantee of Origin, and Smart Energy. Underpinned by blockchain technology, these solutions provide organisations with the transparency, verifiability, and security they need to meet their climate targets and obligations.

ESG Compliance

TYMLEZ ESG Compliance solutions offer businesses a method to capture, verify, and report on their ESG metrics, across their entire organisation.

TYMLEZ offers solutions including carbon emissions reporting, resource usage, and supply chain traceability.

Guarantee of Origin

Increasingly, companies are looking to verify the origin and green credentials of the goods through their supply chains.

TYMLEZ offers manufacturers and producers with solutions to verify the green credentials of their goods across green gasses and physical goods.

Smart Energy

The way businesses interact with energy is changing. Energy usage estimates and legacy grid operations are no longer sufficient to meet the needs to modern organisations.

TYMLEZ providers monitoring and transactive energy solutions designed to modernise the way businesses interact with energy resources.

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