TYMLEZ’S Three Pillars of Trust

Our three pillars define the solutions we offer to clients to power their sustainability journey

Guarantee of Origin

Increasingly, companies are looking to verify the origin and green credentials of the goods through their supply chains.

TYMLEZ offers manufacturers and producers with solutions to verify the green credentials of their goods across green gasses and physical goods.

Carbon Reporting

TYMLEZ offers a capability to inject complete trust and assurance into carbon reporting. By recording carbon on distributed ledger technology, each unit of carbon is recorded in an immutable, secure fashion such that it cannot be edited.

A full audit trail of the environment is available on the trust chain, for example, data about meters including installation and calibration dates and installer credentials.

Trusted Tokenisation

TYMLEZ’s Trusted Tokenisation solution adds unrivaled trust and transparency to carbon markets across the globe.

The TYMLEZ Trust Chain displays the full provenance of each token with total immutability and provides investors with the trust they need to purchase carbon offsets.

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