Guarantee of Origin

Guaranteeing Resource Provenance

Sustainable energy producers require a solution to claim carbon and renewable energy credits utilising timely, accurate, and verified provenance data

TYMLEZ offers a range of solutions for guaranteeing the origin of resources and verifying their green, sustainable, and carbon neutral credentials for regulatory reporting and the claiming of renewable energy certificates and carbon credits.

Full supply chain monitoring

Energy and resource supply chains are diverse and requiring monitoring and multiple stages, calling for the use of an array of monitoring equipment.

The TYMLEZ Platform is designed to operate and integrate with a multitude of hardware monitoring devices to capture the full end-to-end supply chain, for energy and gas products.

Granular audit trail

The TYMLEZ Platform retains a granular audit trail, certifying each actor in the supply chain including metering device and meter installer, ensuring only validated data is recorded by the Platform. Stakeholders in the supply chain are given a decentralised ID (DID) and a role which determines the inputs they can provide in the capture process.

Regulation agnostic

Core to the TYMLEZ Platform is the customisable policy engine which allows for all TYMLEZ Guarantee of Origin solutions to monitor and report on supply chain data in accordance with the regulatory standards being adopted by the business.

TYMLEZ can directly integrate with, or produce reports in the format required by, issuing bodies for any carbon credit or renewable energy certification body.

Powered by the TYMLEZ Platform

The TYMLEZ Platform leverages 3rd generation blockchain technology to deliver superior performance with unrivaled power efficiency, enabling fully trusted and self-auditing Guarantee of Origin solutions.

Guarantee of Origin Solutions

Green Hydrogen

End to End Verification of the Green Hydrogen Supply Chain

Green Ammonia

Verifying and Certifying Green Ammonia Production

Renewable Gas

Guarantee of Origin for Renewable Gas Projects