Sustainability solutions deployed by TYMLEZ

TYMLEZ delivers leading edge sustainability solutions to clients across the world


Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre

TYMLEZ is working with AMIC on a project to provide guarantee of origin certification for sustainable aviation fuel producers and airlines

Safetytech Accelerator

Safetytech Accelerator and Lloyd's Register have partnered with TYMLEZ for the guarantee of origin for green hydrogen and green ammonia for the maritime industry

Magnum Mining and Exploration

Magnum Mining and Exploration are developing one of the United States' first green pig iron production facilities. As part of the project MGU partnered with TYMLEZ to develop a green pig iron guarantee of origin solution


TYMLEZ and UON are delivering verified carbon emissions reporting to the mining industry. UON are a leader in dewatering services for Australia's mining industry and are continuing to innovate through the adoption of TYMLEZ


TYMLEZ and XBourse are working together to establish one of the world's first regulated carbon marketplaces - providing unrivaled trust and transparency for offset investors

Natural Carbon

Working with the Olkola Aboriginal Community, TYMLEZ and Natural Carbon are tokenising Australian Carbon Credit Units with total trust and transparency

Queensland Government

TYMLEZ has partnered with the Queensland Government to deploy a smart energy monitoring solution to capture an energy footprint across multiple sites in the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct, with all data validated by TYMLEZ


Led by Royal BAM, TYMLEZ is a senior member of the TROEF consortium. Backed by the Dutch Government, the consortium's primary goal is to develop smart cities as part of the Netherland's drive to a net zero CO2 future.

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