TYMLEZ joins the Australian Hydrogen Council

TYMLEZ joins the AHC

TYMLEZ is proud to announce that it has become a member of the Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC). AHC is Australia’s peak industry body for the hydrogen industry and is comprised of members across the hydrogen supply chain.

Green hydrogen is the future energy source of various industries in Australia and across the globe. The verification of hydrogen’s green credentials will be key for many companies’ adoption of this new form of energy, however there are limited technologies and methodologies for verifying the green credentials of the full supply chain.

TYMLEZ offers a green hydrogen solution to guarantee the origin of green hydrogen, covering the full supply chain from end-to-end.

TYMLEZ Green Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin

Powered by Blockchain, the TYMLEZ Platform provides Green Hydrogen producers with several benefits not ordinarily available through legacy monitoring solutions. For example:

  • Data recorded by the solution cannot be altered or deleted once it has been uploaded to the platform, creating an immutable ledger
  • Data is validated as it enters the platform, and combined with the immutability of the data, creates a self-audited repository — eliminating the need for costly and time-intensive manual audits
  • Solutions can easily scale to meet the needs of businesses — especially as supply chains or data requirements grow
  • Customised reporting capabilities designed to meet current and future regulatory requirements and frameworks
  • Track and trace Green Hydrogen to collect data for guarantee of origin certification
  • Track and trace LGCs and ACCUs to prevent any double-counting or duplication

TYMLEZ CEO, Daniel O’Halloran, said:

“we are very excited about the opportunity that this membership with AHC represents for not only our business, but for the industry more broadly as we power towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.”



TYMLEZ is a sustainability focused enterprise-grade solutions provider that deploys leading software applications which leverage blockchain technology. The Company is focused on supporting clean energy and sustainability initiatives, along with other opportunities to develop products that rely on secure, trackable, and traceable data transfer. TYMLEZ is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange: TYM.

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