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Guarantee of Origin of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel has the ability dramatically reduce the aviation industry’s carbon emissions

TYMLEZ and AMIC are working to provide a guarantee of origin solution for sustainable aviation fuel – proving the origin of fuels and their associated carbon emissions

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, is set to be the key driver in the decarbonisation of the aviation sector – by transforming sustainable feedstocks into fuel to power aircraft across the globe. Potentially, it could reduce overall carbon emissions by 80% or more.  The aviation industry currently contributes 2-3% of all man-made global greenhouse emissions, a figure which is expected to increase as air travel continues to grow.

SAF can be created from a range of feedstocks including residential waste materials, sustainable plant-oils, and used cooking oils, therefore having the dual effect of reducing the carbon emissions from aviation and reducing waste sent to landfills.

The Importance of Guarantee of Origin

Airlines across the globe are turning to SAF to reduce their carbon output. To assure their customers, shareholders, and regulators of their reduction in emissions, they require fuel producers to provide them with verified emissions reports.
TYMLEZ and AMIC are working to provide these reports through the implementation of TYMLEZ’s Guarantee of Origin solution. TYMLEZ’s solution captures carbon relevant metrics from across the full sustainable aviation fuel value chain and provides trusted and transparent carbon reporting in real-time.
The reporting produced by TYMLEZ provides airlines with the trust that they need when reporting on the carbon emission of their fleets.

Benefits to the aviation industry

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