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Providing a precinct energy footprint


The TYMLEZ Energy Footprint Solution has been deployed in the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct

The project will provide the Queensland State Government and Cohort with granular energy usage statistics to empower their decarbonisation initiatives

Project Partners

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TYMLE Project Partner - Cohort | TYMLEZ

A partnership for the future

Along with granular real time usage information collected from sub-meter devices, detailed statistics on usage history and green energy requirements (e.g., solar generation), will be available through cloud-based dashboards. This provides a centralised energy footprint from across the site and enables Cohort to make smarter energy asset investment and operational decisions to reduce costs and achieve key Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) targets.

Leveraging the capabilities of TYMLEZ

Core to all TYMLEZ Transactive Energy is the ability to track and trace energy consumption and production on an immutable and self-auditing technology. The Smart Energy solution provides a secure and transparent history of all generation and consumption data in real-time to enable potential Transactive Energy use cases.

Benefits to Queensland Government and Cohort

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