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Guarantee of Origin of Green Hydrogen and Ammonia

The International Maritime Organization has set a goal of 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, with calls to reduce this to net-zero by 2050

Safetytech Accelerator and Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub are working with TYMLEZ for the Guarantee of Origin of green hydrogen and green ammonia for the maritime industry

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The maritime industry

The global maritime industry currently contributes 3% of global CO2 emissions.

While the industry has taken steps in recent years to reduce its carbon footprint, major change is still needed to meet the industry’s goal of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This ambitious target, which was set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), is considered achievable by combining gains in efficiency with new technologies.

The maritime industry is now turning to net-zero fuels such as green hydrogen and green ammonia to power its next generation of container ships and tankers to help meet these targets.

Guarantee of origin of green fuels

Driven by carbon reduction targets, the need to meet regulatory standards, and the financial incentives being offered by ports to ships using green fuels, shipping companies across the globe are increasingly turning to new ships powered by green fuels to power their operations.
Safetytech Accelerator, Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub, and TYMLEZ are working together to put in place the technologies required to provide assurance over the green credentials of the fuels used being used to power these vessels.
TYMLEZ’s Guarantee of Origin solution will be used to track the production of green fuels from well-to-wake, providing a real-time carbon intensity metric for each shipment of fuel that fleet operators can trust.

Benefits to the maritime industry

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