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Carbon Marketplace Offset Tokenisation

TYMLEZ and XBourse are working together to develop one of the world’s first regulated carbon marketplaces

Carbon marketplaces across the globe are coming under increased scrutiny and TYMLEZ’s project with XBourse is designed to reinstate trust into this growing environment

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Trust and Regulation

The initial marketplace will be established in Bermuda and will apply to enter the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s (BMA) sandbox environment for Digital Asset Businesses.

TYMLEZ will enable XBourse Marketplace participants to have pre-trade verification of the carbon credit provenance via the immutable digital record of the credit certification process and the examination of the underlying credit characteristics.  This process is currently fragmented and essentially paper and legacy technology bound.  Digitizing the process will remove significant frictional barriers to adoption and increase transparency.

Carbon Offset Tokenisation

Using the TYMLEZ digital verification solution and the Exberry digital trading processes will accelerate investor participation in nascent nature-based solution marketplaces.   Globally, business consultancy, McKinsey, estimates that over US$100 trillion will need to be spent to achieve 2050 net zero.  By comparison, the market capitalization of global markets that report to the World Federation of Exchanges is currently around US$100 trillion. Therefore, the market opportunity for regulated, exchange-traded nature-based and decarbonization solutions is significant.

Benefits to carbon credit investors

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