Smart Energy

Tomorrow’s Energy Solutions for Today’s Energy Ecosystem

Energy is a 21st century resource being managed by 20th century applications, creating inefficiencies through the limitations of legacy centralised technologies

Leveraging the capabilities of the TYMLEZ platform, we have developed a suite of sustainable solutions targeted at improving the way businesses produce, consume, and store their energy.

Solutions built for industry

The way consumers and prosumers use and interact with energy is changing. Lack of transparency over usage, centralisation of generation, and the inability for customers to directly interface with one another is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the modern energy market.

TYMLEZ has recognised this, and through blockchain based TYMLEZ Platform, has developed a suite of solutions designed to meet the needs of the ever evolving energy market.

The TYMLEZ Platform is designed to scale to meet the most challenging of operating environments and can operate across mission critical industries.

Secure and verified data

Core to TYMLEZ smart energy solutions is secure and verified energy data, validated by the TYMLEZ Platform.

The TYMLEZ Platform interfaces directly with range of IoT and smart metering devices, collecting data without the need for manual data input. Solutions have the ability to gather data from circuit level CT clamps to large scale generation facilities, with a full trust chain ensuring only data from verified devices and actors is recorded.

Powered by the TYMLEZ Platform

The TYMLEZ Platform leverages 3rd generation blockchain technology to deliver superior performance with unrivaled power efficiency, enabling fully trusted and self-auditing smart energy solutions.

Smart Energy Solutions

Energy Footprint

Data can be accessed by relevant parties for reporting and monitoring

Virtual Power Plant

Improving grid operations through advanced flexibility

P2P Energy Trading

Decentralised energy trading platform for PPAs